Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here's an update on my personal life.

A few weeks ago, I was accepted into a company then my acceptance was rescinded because all of the company's rehearsals conflicted with my rehearsals for my senior concert. I emailed the artistic director a few days ago and finally received an email back stating that they no longer have a place for me. Sad face.

Good news: I still have a job waiting for me at Disney World. I would be more excited except I am scared that I will not be cast in any dancing roles. However, I will be working full time and have money to take class and I plan to audition for all the companies in the are a, so if anyone has a suggestion as to who to audition for, I'm up for it. I do everything except tap and hip hop. I even do burlesque.

Semi-bad news? I'm nervous about leaving Texas and I would really prefer to dance in a concert dance company here in the area.

Semi-good news? I get to try living outside of Texas for awhile. :D

In the meantime, this week is show week. Oi! Talk about stress!

Anyways, so that's my life. I've been emailing everyone on the planet for auditions so let's all pray or meditate that I get into a company. YAY!


  1. I didn't realize you were in Texas too! I'm in Houston. And, it's okay to be nervous but it will be a good experience. I'm glad that over the years I wandered from my home state. Each place was a new adventure. Sometimes I miss my home in the northeast but I have enjoyed living here for several years now. You will either decide you love living somewhere else or your love for your home will be validated (maybe even both)! Best of luck in your transition!


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