Monday, April 20, 2009

Texas Ballet Theater in Trouble, Again

There are some shady things happening at Texas Ballet Theater, apparently.

According to this article, TBT has been dealing in some not-so-smart ideas since the company nearly folded almost a year ago. The company bounced back, however, and are still going strong but not without financial problems and lots of drama.

For example, in order to save money, TBT has decided to use recorded music instead of a live symphony as is custom. I will tell you now that I was very upset that I had to see Nutcracker with recorded music this year from TBT. I could have gone and seen some random ballet school's Nutcracker which probably would have been just as good and cheaper if I had known. At least I would be paying for what I was seeing and it's always lovely to support your local ballet schools. Of course the musicians are angry too. Everyone's angry. Ben Stevenson, what are you doing?

Anyways, here's a video of the protest against using recorded music at the ballet.

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