Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jade Pearl Rants About Health Care and the Swine Flu

I have the swine flu. I'm really glad I have insurance that allowed me to go to a doctor and get some tamiflu so I wouldn't be spreading the joy of H1N1 to the world around me, furthering a would-be epidemic. This, my friends, is why health care should be readily available. I DIDN'T SAY the government should pay for everyone's health care, I'm saying that health care, AT LEAST PRIMARY HEALTH CARE, should be available for everyone either by not allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to anyone or offering vouchers or coupons or SOMETHING TO HELP OUT THE HARD WORKING AMERICANS WHO DON'T HAVE INSURANCE BECAUSE THEY'RE DANCERS or DANCE TEACHERS or SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. Otherwise you have sick people going about their usual business, spreading their ickiness everywhere.

The end.

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  1. You poor thing! I knew you seemed a little MIA...Feel better, sweet girl. You really rock for thinking of others with health care concerns when you're so sick yourself. True sign of a beautiful heart.

    love Love LOVE you.